PassiV Future Proof Door

The PassiV Future Proof Door (formerly branded Future-proof) brings high performance standards to door design. It gives a hitherto undreamed of thermal performance with all the practicality and versatility of the rest of our door range.


  •     Extremely efficient thermal performance
  •     Insulation levels to meet building energy requirements for decades to come
  •     Door U-value of 0.016 to 0.139 BTU/hr.ft2.F
  •     Excellent airtightness and watertightness ratings
  •     Double, triple or quadruple glazed
  •     Argon or Krypton gas filled glazing units
  •     Soft coat low emissivity glass
  •     Warm edge spacer bar
  •     Available in a range of RAL colors
  •     Flexible glazing and panelling design options
  •     Extra heavy duty stainless steel friction hinges
  •     6 Point multi-point locking system for enhanced security
  •     Choice of hardware options
  •     Durable threshold detail