We spare no effort in refining each product we make and this care extends to its safe delivery and incorporation into your building. Every detail of every component has been engineered to provide years of carefree, energy efficient living.

At Klearwall, product design and usability are equally important to us, as is providing our customers with energy efficiency and excellent value.


We provide nationwide delivery across North America. Your energy saving windows and doors will reach you within 10 - 16 weeks from the date you place your order based on shipping to East Coast or West Coast ports.

Fitting Details

Part of the Klearwall service involves providing architects and building developers tailored guidance in how to optimize window performance for each project. We have a team of Passive House Certified Designers who are ready to apply their innovative thinking to your project to help you save energy, and Passive House trained installers ready to consult with your builder on proper installation detailing.

Klearwallhas developed a range of free window fitting details for a variety of standard construction types. Customized fitting details are also available at an additional fee of $400 for the set (sill, head & jamb), being tailored to your specific project in order to ensure that your project achieves its maximum potential in heat-loss prevention.

If you would like us to prepare specific fitting details for your project, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

  • Job number & Name
  • An AutoCAD detail of your proposed construction type stating each material used
  • Notes on the preferred external finish
  • Notes/drawings of the type of sills that will be used if not ordered from Klearwall

Please ensure your AutoCAD files are attached and that they do not exceed 10 MB.

Thermal Bridging Calculations

At Klearwall we provide a specialist Thermal Bridging Calculating service to help you discover how much energy you can save by using Klearwall windows in your construction.
Our experts will analyze the data provided and make recommendations on how to make your building more energy efficient where possible.

In order to place an order for thermal bridging calculation simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

  • An AutoCAD detail of your proposed construction type specifying each material used including its R per inch. Theses details must show:
    • Each insulation material (named) in the assembly
    • Metal flashings/fixings (if any)
    • The centers of repeating elements like wood or steel studs
    • The airtight and wind tight layer and any tapes or seals
  • Tell us your preferred product type from the Klearwall range - PassiV Future Proof, PassiV AluClad, PassiV Alup+ or PassiV Hardwood.

Note: Please contact us for a copy of our Thermal Bridge Fee & Guidance Booklet.

A thermal analysis is included in this fee.

Payment can be made by check or postal order to: Klearwall Industries LLC, 530 Anchor Drive, Moneta VA 24121-2309, USA.

Payment can also be accepted by credit card.
Please call (203) 689-5404 extension 101 to make payment by credit card.